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We know digital devices and screens are here to stay. And we believe that BenTyler Eyes eyewear will also need to become part of our everyday lives if we want to avoid the symptoms of eye strain and the potential for long term eye damage.

BenTyler Eyes was established with a clear vision to create a fashionable range of eyewear, importantly protecting eyes from blue light. Every idea starts with a problem and ours was the headaches and sore eyes that came from working long hours on a computer. That’s what led to more research time on the computer, as we learned about digital eye strain and the harmful effects of high energy blue light. So this is what we did: We made quality computer glasses that not only work by filtering out harmful blue light, but are also durable and fashionable. And now, there’s an option to add your prescription! And that is how BenTyler Eyes began.

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